Marel Meat

2016 was a strong year for Marel Meat that generated €334 million in revenue on a pro forma basis and an EBIT* of €52 million in 2016 or 15.6% of revenue.  

Marel Meat accounted for 34% of Marel’s revenue in 2016. Marel Meat is now a full-line provider to the meat industry as MPS Meat processing systems has been part of Marel since January 29, 2016. From January 1, 2017 all products from Marel Meat and MPS are presented as Marel Meat.

Excellent year for Marel Meat

2016 was an excellent year for Marel Meat with good volume, order intake and improved profitability. Integration of Marel and MPS is on track and going well. Marel, with MPS on board, is a leading global provider in the primary, secondary and further processing of red meat. Sales teams have been trained to sell the whole product portfolio in meat, from primary processing to secondary processing and further processing.

Market conditions were good throughout the year. The mix between product groups and geographies was good most of the year. Large projects picked up in the latter half when cross-trained sales team secured full line projects in China, South America and in the U.S.

Marel Meat participated in many international exhibitions during the year, including the IPPE Show in Atlanta and IFFA in Germany. Joint teams from Marel Meat, Poultry and Further Processing also participated in exhibitions in Brazil, China and Russia with good results.

The 5th Marel Meat ShowHow was held in Progress Point, Denmark in March. The event attracted 200 customers representing 140 companies based in over 70 countries.

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Steady stream of innovative solutions

Innovation highlights were closely connected to continuous work with current solutions in deboning, trim handling and case-ready solutions. One of the solutions Marel Meat released  was a new portion cutter, the I-Cut 130. This machine uses the latest in laser vision technology to ensure optimal utilization of meat and delivers fixed weight portions with high accuracy.

During the year Marel launched a new high-speed wraparound linerless labeler which employs the latest labeling technology. The M360 labeler is designed for the premium labeling of all popular tray sizes and is ideally suited for skin packs. Its high quality labeling promotes superior shelf presentation for all pack types.

Emphasis on sustainability

Marel Meat customers are facing many challenges. The last few years have been tough and margins continue to be challenged. This means that customers are looking for solutions that improve their margins. Marel Meat offers customers solutions that help them meet these challenges and are specifically designed to increase their productivity and yield while improving sustainability.

Food safety continues to be one of the most important aspects of meat processing. Marel Meat provides processors with the traceability systems they need to comply with regulations and stay ahead of minimum requirements for food safety in the future. Advanced food traceability systems coupled with innovative new applications underpin the range of the Marel Meat food safety solutions.