Marel would be nothing if not for its employees and customers. Social Responsibility is therefore one of the most important aspects of Marel’s corporate responsibility. Marel is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment with equal opportunities for all employees. Marel  takes pride in making sure the company fosters individual and team development and ensures the right to freedom of association for all employees.

Marel engages with local communities, where innovation and education serve as the main areas of social participation. Human rights violations, including forced labor and under-age labor as well as illegal labor conditions, are not tolerated under any circumstances.

Our People

Marel’s Human Resources mission is to employ competent employees and to provide a supportive and ambitious work environment which motivates and encourages them to make the Marel vision their own. To do this, Marel provides training programs and opportunities for further education and job development. The company strives to nurture a team spirit and co-operation throughout the operation.

Marel recognizes the importance of respecting cultural diversity, while at the same time working towards strengthening the values that are shared throughout the company. The company encourages open communication and it is Marel’s goal to help its employees maintain a creative, stimulating work environment that promotes innovation and well-being. 


Marel employs people from over 50 countries that speak over 40 different languages. This makes Marel a truly international and diverse workplace which in turn calls for guidelines on how diversity and equality are nurtured within the company.

In 2016, important steps were taken to formalize Marel’s diversity policy with the aim of introducing the first results of this work in the 2016 annual report. The objective is to ensure equality and diversity within Marel as well as increasing job satisfaction and wellbeing in the workplace. It must be ensured that employees are not discriminated against on the grounds of their gender, beliefs, nationality, race, sexual orientation, religion, color, personal finances, family, age or on any other grounds. 

The policy helps make Marel a desirable and responsible workplace that attracts the most qualified employees. The policy will apply to all Marel employees and governance bodies, including the Board of Directors, its sub-committees and the Executive Team. The diversity policy also states that discrimination is not tolerated within Marel under any circumstances. Data and statistics on equality and diversity at Marel will be systematically collected to ensure the successful implementation of the policy and results will be conveyed in a clear and organized manner.

One of the priorities of the diversity policy is to promote gender equality and diversity across all of Marel´s workforce.

New hires and employee turnover in 2016 by gender

Based on headcount Female Male Total
Total number and rate of new employee hires 18.5% 81.5% 493
Total number and rate of employee terminations 14.7% 85.3% 504

Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender

Based on headcount Female Male Total
Executive Team and Board of Directors 22.2% 77.8% 18
Employees 14.1% 85.9% 4,572
d d d d d

Safety, Health and Environment

Marel is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees as well as the contractors working within Marel’s facilities. The company sees it as its obligation to care about the safety, health and environment of its people and the places it operates in.  

While every Marel employee is accountable for his or her own safety, local management of all Marel entities is responsible for making sure that all processes comply with Marel’s safety, health and environmental policy.

A corporate safety, health and environment support team (SHE) monitors the compliance processes with a specific SHE policy designed to identify possibilities for process improvements.

Forced Labor and Under-Age Workers

Human rights violations including child-labor and illegal labor conditions are not tolerated by Marel. All Marel employees are required to have reached the legal working age in the country they work in and no Marel facilities are associated with illegal labor conditions or forced labor. In 2017, all new suppliers will be required to comply with the same standards as Marel on matters related to human rights and labor issues.

No human rights violations were reported in 2016.

Freedom of Association

Marel commits to respecting all employees’  right to freedom of association and collective bargaining free from discrimination, as established in the Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organise Convention (C. 87), and the Right to Organise and Collective Bargaining Convention (C.98). Marel will make sure that these rights can be exercised by all its employees as well as business partners directly associated with Marel’s services, products and operations.