Being a responsible corporate citizen is a priority for Marel because in the long run it is simply good business.

Marel takes pride in going beyond legal requirements to align its business operations with socially accepted principles. The company strives to contribute to society in a positive way in its operations.

A specific corporate social responsibility guidance policy for the company was approved by Marel’s board of Directors and Marel’s Executive team in 2016. It is now being implemented. This is the first time Marel reports on its activities under the new corporate social responsibility policy.

The corporate social responsibility guidance policy can be divided into three separate focus areas based on the triple bottom line approach; people, planet and profits. Marel’s policy is based on the ISO 26000 guidelines as well as the company being a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.


Social Responsibility

Marel provides a safe and healthy working environment and equal opportunities. It fosters individual and team development and ensures the right to freedom of association for all its employees. Human rights violations and illegal labor conditions are not tolerated. Marel engages with local communities, where innovation and education serve as the main areas of social participation.

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Environmental responsibility

Marel encourages efficient use of resources in its value chain and promotes positive environmental impact and protection. Innovation is at the core of Marel’s strategy, where the focus is on continuously creating new methods for improving yields and minimizing waste in food production. The company focuses on promoting food safety and animal welfare while reducing the use of resources such as water and energy.

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Economic responsibility

Marel promotes long term profitability, fair trade and good business practices in its value chain through transparency, innovation and collaboration with all its partners.

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